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magnetic hooks
Magnetic Hooks – Useful DIY Gadgets

These magnetic hooks are perfect for hanging tools, bags as well as other metal items. The chrome-plated steel hooks are made of durable steel and have strong magnets which can hold a wide assortment of metal objects.

A lot of magnetic hooks come with zinc plating to resist moisture and humidity. They are also simple to install, requiring no preperation or drilling like traditional wall hooks.

1. Organize Your Garage

It can be risky to look for the tool in a messy garage. A magnetic hook can prevent tools from rolling on the floor, and will reduce clutter.

You can use a magnet hook to hang thin lines of nitrogen in a laboratory, thick electrical cords in a manufacturing environment, or even your brooms and dustpans so they don’t fall to the floor. The magnetic hooks are sturdy enough to hold large objects, too — some can hold up to 36 pounds when hanging horizontally and up to 110 pounds vertically.

Magnetic hooks are also easy to move as they don’t require threaded fasteners. For instance in the event that you relocate your garage to a new office or home and wish to reuse the magnetic hook, just take it down and relocate it to a different location.

2. Keep Your Gardening Tools Organized

These hooks with magnetics are quite versatile. They may look like a simple DIY project, however, they can be used for a variety of purposes. They’re inexpensive, easy-to-install and very functional.

They can support up to 36 pounds horizontally and 110 pounds vertically. This makes them ideal for heavy-duty use at garage, home, or workshop. They’re also composed of neodymium magnets they’re not likely to move.

For example, you can hang your pots, soil and plant containers on one or more of these magnets to keep them within reach and off the floor. You can also hang other garden items, such as hoses, plant markers, and pails.

If you’re concerned about rust, search for magnetic hooks that are coated to resist humidity and moisture. Zinc plating is a common practice, and is a coating. Magnetic hooks are also available that endure heavy loads without the need for additional reinforcement. You can use them to hang kitchen appliances as well as sports equipment, utensils, outdoor equipment, school supplies and more.

3. Keep spare keys

If you have a spare car or house key, you know the importance to keep it safe from children’s hands. Many key storage solutions are neither safe nor convenient.

Magnetic hooks are a useful and easy way to store spare keys. They stick to any metal surface. They are also great for storing other items like wires, tools, banners and more. Our Home Editor is planning to install several of them on her garage wall to hold cooking utensils and a few in the mudroom so coats and backpacks are kept off the floor. If you need to move them at any point, they can easily be detached without damaging the surfaces they’re connected to. You can use them to hang your luggage while traveling.

4. How to Organize Your Craft Supplies

Use magnetic hooks to organize your home in a creative way. For instance, if don’t have enough space within your kitchen drawers to store art supplies hang an iron knife rack or tool bar on the wall. This allows you to store tools such as crafting hammers, paint brushes, and scissors without having to worry about them falling over or being lost.

Another idea for storage for your craft involves hanging a wire shower caddy over your workspace. Fill it with kraft paper ribbon, ribbon and other items to make them accessible for kids’ projects in the arts and crafts. Use a magnetic spool holder to store wrapping paper rolls, or a recipe box to keep track of craft stickers and die cuts.

Magnet hooks can be used to hang posters, banners and other school decor. They feature strong neodymium magnet hooks that are able to swivel and accommodate multiple items. They can also support up to twenty pounds when hanging vertically.






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