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  • Magnetic Hooks –

    Magnetic Hooks – Useful DIY Gadgets These magnetic hooks are perfect for hanging tools, bags as well as other metal items. The chrome-plated steel hooks are made of durable steel and have strong magnets which can hold a wide assortment of metal objects. A lot of magnetic hooks come with zinc plating to resist moisture […]

  • Lenz Law

    Lenz Law

    The Lenz Law The Lenz Law is called after the German-American mathematician and electro-physiologist, August Lenz. Lenz’s law, in electricity, states that an electrical current flowing in a magnetic field constantly moves at precisely the same way as the Bar magnet it originally started with. The first reference to this particular law is found in […]

  • Really Great

    Really Great

    really Great It is really great when you can sit and revel in the weather friends and loved ones. Some people like to sit on their terrace, but some prefer to cook inside. Whether you sit to eat, play Frisbee or to drink beer, then you want your place to be comfortable and convenient. You […]

  • DIY Biology

    DIY Biology Experiment If you have some curiosity about Biology and the way it works, you might want to consider making some DIY Home experiments. These home experiments can be extremely fun. You don’t need a biology lab at all. If you are interested in doing some research on Biology, you can do so with […]

  • Socialize and be Creative

    Socialize and be Creative

    Children can enjoy crafting and crafts as a way to socialize and be creative. These activities can help children develop critical thinking and problem solving skills. They may also learn how to work together. These activities are fun and can benefit your child. They can also be a great way to increase your creativity. These can be extremely helpful for […]

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